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bare copper strand wire 0.25mm-1.05mm (AWG30-AWG18)

  • BGTJR 1

Product Description

BGTJR(X) type flexible copper stranded wires can be used for flexible conduction and grounding connection of electrical installation, switch gear, electrical furnace, storage battery, etc.
BGTJR(X) flexible stranded copper wires consist of Cu-ETP wires which are stranded according to standard GB/T12970.2-2009.

Material: annealed Cu-ETP wires, C11000, copper content ≥ 99.95%
Finish: bare, tin plating
Cross Sectional Area: 1.5mm2 - 2000mm2
Packing Modes: in rolls, on spools or wooden drums

TypeSingle Wire Diameter (mm)Single Wire Diameter (AWG)
BGTJR 10.25mm-1.05mmAWG30-AWG18
BGTJR(X) 20.20mmAWG32
BGTJR(X) 30.15mm-


  Customization Upon Request

Part No.Nominal Cross Section (mm2)Calculating Cross Section (mm2)StructureCalculating Outside diameter (mm)Max. DC Resistance at 20℃
Calculating weight(kg/km)
Total Wire NumberStrands×Wire Number Per Strand/Single Wire Diameter (mm)
BGTJR(X) 1-1.61.601.573232/0.251.6311.514.7
BGTJR(X) 1-22.001.964040/0.251.829.2418.3
BGTJR(X) 1-×7/
BGTJR 1-44.03.94497×7/0.322.884.6437.1
BGTJR 1-×7/0.403.602.9758.0
BGTJR 1-101010.01497×7/0.514.591.8394.3
BGTJR 1-161615.84847×12/0.496.171.16150
BGTJR 1-252525.0813319×7/0.497.350.736239
BGTJR 1-353535.1413319×7/0.588.700.525334
BGTJR 1-404040.1513319×7/0.629.300.459382
BGTJR 1-505048.3013319×7/0.6810.200.382459
BGTJR 1-636362.7218927×7/0.6512.000.294597
BGTJR 1-707068.6418927×7/0.6812.530.269653
BGTJR 1-808078.2025937×7/0.6213.020.236744
BGTJR 1-959594.0625937×7/0.6814.280.196895
BGTJR 1-10010099.6825937×7/0.7014.700.185948
BGTJR 1-120120117.6732427×12/0.6817.390.1571119
BGTJR 1-125125124.6932427×12/0.7017.900.1481186
BGTJR 1-160160162.8632427×12/0.8020.200.1131549
BGTJR 1-185185183.8532427×12/0.8521.740.1001749
BGTJR 1-200200196.1544437×12/0.7521.800.09401866
BGTJR 1-250250251.9544437×12/0.8524.720.07322397
BGTJR 1-315315310.5870337×19/0.7526.250.05962954
BGTJR 1-400400398.9270337×19/0.8529.750.04623795
BGTJR 1-500500498.3070337×19/0.9533.250.03704740
BGTJR 1-630630627.1115961×19/0.8337.350.02945965
BGTJR 1-800800804.3115961×19/0.9442.300.02297651
BGTJR 1-100010001003.6115961×19/1.0547.250.01849547

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