New products — Gold-plating Copper Foil Laminated Busbars

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The copper foil laminated busbars can be plated with nickle, tin,silver,and gold. Among them, gold-plating is the most expensive choice but the best quality. Thus, Bridgold has a try to produce the gold-plating copper foil laminated busbars.

The gold-plated layer is golden in appearance and has chemical stability. Gold coating has good ductility, easy polishing, high temperature resistance, excellent anti-discoloration function. Gold plating has low contact resistance, excellent conductive function, easy welding, strong corrosion resistance, and has a certain wear resistance, so it has been widely used in precision instruments, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, shells, electric contacts and so on.

New products — Gold-plating Copper Foil Laminated Busbars

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