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BRIDGOLD, in the future, will move forward on the road of innovation and provide first-class products, service and infinite values for you.
What We Do
ZHEJIANG BRIDGOLD is located at Liushi ,Wenzhou -Electrical Capital of China. BRIDGOLD, founded in 1985 and registered in 2007, specializes in manufacturing FLEXIBLE COPPER CONNECTORS, such as braided copper wire connectors, stranded copper wire connectors, copper foil connectors, braided copper wire, stranded copper wire, carbon brush wire, aluminum braided connectors and stainless steel braided connectors, etc. The flexible copper connectors are used for electrical conduction and earthing solutions in electrical industry, railway industry, lithium batteries of new energy vehicles, wind power devices, medical devices and car LED headlights, etc......
Bridgold is a professional leader China Braided Copper Wires and Braided Copper Connectors,Stranded Copper Wires and Stranded Copper Connectors,Highly Flexible Copper Stranded Wires,Laminated Copper Shunts manufacturer and supplier.Welcome to contact us.!

Container Shipment

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BRIDGOLD provides you with protective packing to guarantee the flexible copper connectors you receive are fine and undamaged. 

Laboratory tests

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BRIDGOLD owns a lab which can undertake various tests to prove the flexible copper connectors we provide are qualified. Please refer to the test list for more information. 


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You can download our catalogs and certificates to learn more about BRIDGOLD flexible copper connectors.


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The videos show you BRIDGOLD flexible copper connectors in different views. 


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You can download our catalogs and certificates to learn more about BRIDGOLD flexible copper connectors.


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You can download our catalogs and certificates to learn more about BRIDGOLD flexible copper connectors.


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  • 2019-06-25

    Bridgold--------A  Grounded  Copper  Braided  Manufacturers  with  Highly  Quality  and  Excellent  Service!Bridgold  is  a  professional  manufacturer  of  grounded  copper  braided  wire.  The  flexible  copper  connectors  produced  by  Bridgold  are  exported  to  all  over  the  world.  Our  company  has  already  become  qualified 

  • 2019-06-17

    Zhejiang  Bridgold  Copper  Science  and  Technology  CO.,  Ltd  is  a  manufacturer  specializing  in  the  production  of  copper  brush  wire,  copper  stranded  wire  and  copper  braided  wire.  It  integrates  R&D,  production,  sales  and  service  into  a  flexible  copper  connector  conductive  tape  economic  entity,  which  has  a

  • 2019-06-14

    There  are  many  manufacturers  of  copper  braids,  yet  the  quality  of  the  products  is  not  difficult.  It  is  difficult  to  know  the  quality  of  the  flexible  copper  connectors.  How  to  find  a  suppliers  of  copper  braided  connectors  flex  with  good  quality,  affordable  price  and  strong  production  capacity?Normall

  • 2019-06-05

    Brief  Introduction  of  Flexible  Copper  Braided  ConnectorsThe  copper  braided  wire  is  woven  with  copper  wire.  As  a  flexible  copper  connector,  the  copper  tube  can  be  pressed  at  the  contact  surface  at  both  ends  of  the  braided  copper  wire.  The  pressing  process  doesn’t  use  any  auxiliary  additives.  The  mate

  • 2019-06-03

    Where  Can  We  Kown  Bridgold’s  Carbon  Brush  Wire  is  of  Excellent  Quality?I  saw  so  many  people  on  the  Internet  that  BRIDGOLD’s  carbon  brush  wire  is  of  great  quality.  Want  to  buy  carbon  brush  wire,  who  go  to  Bridgold.  So  how  good  is  the  carbon  brush  wire  of  Bridgold?  Why  do  so  many  people  like  copper  br

  • 2019-05-31

    Why  Are  the  Tinned  Copper  Braided  Wires  Recognized  as  Aluminum  Wires  by  Customers?We  often  received  some  customers’  phone.  They  will  ask  us  about  the  copper  braided  wire  and  then  our  salesman  will  give  them  a  quote.  Everyone  knows  that  Bridgold  industry  not  only  produces  copper,  but  also  aluminum  an

Braided Copper Wires and Braided Copper Connectors

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