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BRIDGOLD, in the future, will move forward on the road of innovation and provide first-class products, service and infinite values for you.
What We Do
ZHEJIANG BRIDGOLD is located at Liushi ,Wenzhou -Electrical Capital of China. BRIDGOLD, founded in 1985 and registered in 2007, specializes in manufacturing FLEXIBLE COPPER CONNECTORS, such as braided copper wire connectors, stranded copper wire connectors, copper foil connectors, braided copper wire, stranded copper wire, carbon brush wire, aluminum braided connectors and stainless steel braided connectors, etc. The flexible copper connectors are used for electrical conduction and earthing solutions in electrical industry, railway industry, lithium batteries of new energy vehicles, wind power devices, medical devices and car LED headlights, etc......
Bridgold is a professional leader China Braided Copper Wires and Braided Copper Connectors,Stranded Copper Wires and Stranded Copper Connectors,Highly Flexible Copper Stranded Wires,Laminated Copper Shunts manufacturer and supplier.Welcome to contact us.!

Container Shipment

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BRIDGOLD provides you with protective packing to guarantee the flexible copper connectors you receive are fine and undamaged. 

Laboratory tests

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BRIDGOLD owns a lab which can undertake various tests to prove the flexible copper connectors we provide are qualified. Please refer to the test list for more information. 


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You can download our catalogs and certificates to learn more about BRIDGOLD flexible copper connectors.


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The videos show you BRIDGOLD flexible copper connectors in different views. 


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You can download our catalogs and certificates to learn more about BRIDGOLD flexible copper connectors.


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You can download our catalogs and certificates to learn more about BRIDGOLD flexible copper connectors.


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  • 2018-10-13

    BRIDGOLD will meet you at POLY World Trade Center EXPROThe 15th POLY World Trade Center Expro opened in Guangzhou. This current's China Expo will focus on “Intelligence, Wisdom,Intellectual creation and Energy Conservation” and plan an exhibition area of 150,000 square meters. Overseas theme exhibit

  • 2018-10-07

    We are working!Watching news in the past few days, the domestic travel is really hot during the Chinese National Day. Every scenic spot is full of people and yet the Great Wall is full of people, even the feet are not moved. Pushing away; even far away to the west of Sichuan, Aden, blocked a day and

  • 2018-09-22

    an Yijun,Party Secretary of the Yueqing Municipal Party Committee, visited Bridgold——Supervise the Business Environment ConstructionOn September 20, 2018, Party Secretary of the Yueqing Municipal Party Committee Lin Yijun, the deputy mayor Wu Chengqian, the Economic and Trade Bureau, the Science and

  • 2018-09-14

    Copper braided connectors with insulationCopper braided connectors with insulation manufactured by flexible PVC-extruded braided copper tapes with solderless pressed contact areas made out of seamless Cu-ETP-tubes.The crimping process is realized without using additives like tin or soldering and wel

  • 2018-09-06

    SUPERSEPTEMBERBetter deals, just in time, September only. The September Purchasing Festival will be held in 4-30 September 2018.The September Purchasing Festival aims to provide overseas buyers with excellent products and superior products, to help them meet the buyer's stocking and replenishment ne

  • 2018-08-17

    The 39th PHILRECA Annual General Membership Meeting will be held in General Santos city, philippines, 16-18 August 2018. Bridgold will be there. In the exhibition, Bridgold shows some main products, copper wire mesh, copper braided wire and copper foil connectors, etc., and shows some special custom

Braided Copper Wires and Braided Copper Connectors

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