Technical Standard for Tinned Copper Braided Wire

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Technical standard for tinned copper braid: It is made of tinned T2 anaerobic copper wire. It is divided into two types: soft and hard. It is bright and soft, reliable in quality and complete in specifications.

Technical Standard for Tinned Copper Braided Wire

The basic criteria are as follows:

  1. Basic performance: tinned copper braided wire has good flexibility, which has good protection for electric wires, wear resistance, prevents wire cuts, scratches, and has wire harness shielding effect.
  2. Wear resistance: tinned copper braided wire can effectively prevent the power jacket from cutting, damage, and effectively protect the power supply.
  3. Scalability: tinned copper braided wire can be used for wires with various rules or irregular shapes. The diameter of the mesh tube can change with the diameter of the wire (generally up to 1-3 times).

Technical Standard for Tinned Copper Braided Wire

Our standards are different on different devices. No matter the size or load current has different requirements, it is difficult to have a standard for your reference. When buying copper braids, our standard is the size of your installation and the size of the current and the environment to provide you with the corresponding products, giving you the best solution for you. As for other standards, such as raw material, coating standards, weaving and production process standards and product quality standards from the selection of materials to the factory have strict implementation guidelines, giving you a true qualified product is the premise of mutual benefit.

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