The Features of Tinned Copper Braid

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  1. Highly Flexible

The tinned copper braid directly affects the flexiblity of the flexible copper connectors. And our flexible copper braided wire has always been known for its good quality and highly flexible. It is difficult to break the wire within the appropriate range.

  1. Anti-Vibration and Reduce Vibration

Compared to copper bus bar, the flexible copper braid wire is clearly visible. The mechanical vibrations are minimally affected during device operation .

  1. Strong Heat Dissipation

Although the copper braided wire is tightly knitted, there is still a gap between the wire and wire. The heat generated during the conductive process is easily dissipated into the air, thereby greatly reducing the occurrence of high heat and prolonging the occurrence of high electrical resistance.

The Features of Tinned Copper Braid

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