Copper Shielding Wires

Copper Shielding Wires

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Copper Shielding Wires
copper braided sleeving
32AWG braided copper sleeve
tinned copper braid shield


Material: annealed Cu-ETP wires, C11000, copper content ≥ 99.95%

Finish: bare, tin plating

Single Wire Diameter:

  • 0.19mm
  • 0.25mm
  • 0.30mm

Carrier Number: 48

Cross Sectional Area: 15mm2 - 40mm2

Packing Modes: in rolls, on spools or wooden drums

Notes: Please provide the conductor diameter inside before placing an order.


Copper Shielding Wires

Customization Upon Request

Part No. Nominal Cross Section (mm2) Measured Cross Section (mm2) Wire Structure
Strands×Wire Number Per Strand×Layers /Single Wire Diameter (mm)
BGT(X)P-30/15 15 13.56 48×4×1/0.30 Please provide the conductor diameter inside.
BGT(X)P-25/16 16 16.48 48×7×1/0.25
BGT(X)P-30/20 20 20.35 48×6×1/0.30
BGT(X)P-19/25 25 24.48 48×18×1/0.19
BGT(X)P-25/25 25.91 48×11×1/0.25
BGT(X)P-30/25 23.74 48×7×1/0.30
27.13 48×8×1/0.30
BGT(X)P-30/30 30 30.52 48×9×1/0.30
BGT(X)P-25/35 35 35.33 48×15×1/0.25
BGT(X)P-30/40 40 40.69 48×12×1/0.30
BGT(X)P-25/50 50 49.46 48×21×1/0.25
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