Copper braided connectors with insulation

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Copper braided connectors with insulation manufactured by flexible PVC-extruded braided copper tapes with solderless pressed contact areas made out of seamless Cu-ETP-tubes.The crimping process is realized without using additives like tin or soldering and welding additives.

Our copper braided connectors can be insulated with various insulating materials in different colors based on the specific requirements, like insulation class, temperature grade, voltage class and flame retardant rating,etc. The surface can be add heat shrinkable tube or cold-shrinkable tube, extruded PVC tube, glass fiber tube with copper braided wire.Which can be adjusted and drilled, all could be processed according to customers’ requirements.


  1. Flow in high current;
  2. Process Shrinkable Tube with flexible copper braid
  3. Various shape can be processed; 
  4. Good insulation.

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Copper braided connectors with insulation

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