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Better deals, just in time, September only. The September Purchasing Festival will be held in 4-30 September 2018.The September Purchasing Festival aims to provide overseas buyers with excellent products and superior products, to help them meet the buyer's stocking and replenishment needs in the second half of the year with faster timeliness and richer supply, and to satisfy buyers' stable cooperation and supply.

Bridgold will be there. Bridgold will display copper foil laminated connectors for new energy vehicle industry. Bridgold will have copper wire connectors with ferrules for wind power industry. Bridgold will show copper stranded shunt with lugs for rail transportation industry. Bridgold will be copper bus bar for electronic industry. Bridgold will exist high current stranded flexible connector for medical equipment industry. Bridgold will have tin plated copper connectors with ferrules for aerospace industry. Bridgold will display copper wire mesh for explosion-proof industry. Bridgold will show copper grounding strap for cable accessory industry. Bridgold will be copper pure flat braids for vehicle LED illuminating industry. Many kinds of products have been showed on website:,,

If you are interested in our products, please contact us. We are waiting for you here now.


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Skype: sophie.zheng.bridgold


Date: 4-30 September 2018

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